NERW 6/29/15: Boston’s Big Talk Realignment is Complete


In this week’s issue… WRKO launches post-Rush lineup – WMEX sale price a stunner – CRTC pulls the plug on AVR – #ThanksJack – iHeart launches CT “Beat”

NERW 6/22/15: iHeart Settles in Boston


In this week’s issue… Limbaugh lands up the dial – Krenn’s back in the Burgh – More FM for Burlington – My buys in Ontario – Remembering NH’s Blacksmith, NY’s Doubleday, Ontario’s Costley-White

Site of the Week 6/19/15: More of New York’s North Country

WIRY air studio

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH What wraps up first – our recap of two trips to New York’s scenic and remote North Country in late 2014, or the hunt for those two prison escapees who might (or might not) still be somewhere in the woods up there? We’d have bet on the search, but […]

NERW 6/15/2015: Boston’s Talk Mess Shakes Out


In this week’s issue… The end game for Boston’s talk shuffle – Local ends at “WFAS-FM” – Remembering Maine’s Fred Hirsch – Baseball on the Radio: Single A Edition

Radio World: NAB Show – Drones and Radio

In 16 years of writing for Radio World, I’ve had my share of unusual assignments. But when Paul McLane sent me off to the NAB Show with a mission to write about how radio stations could tap into the new technology of drones, I wasn’t the only one who was uncertain about how an essentially aural medium like radio could make use of the purely visual sizzle delivered by the unmanned aerial vehicles that were the hottest thing going on the NAB Show floor. – See more at: