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NERW 7/25/2016: Here Comes The Next Translator Window

In this week’s issue… Big AMs get a crack at FM dial - After the Greater Media/Beasley deal - "Chilly Billy," RIP

NERW Extra: A Greater Beasley

Beasley Media swallows Greater Media in a $240 million deal - what does it mean to NERW-land markets?

Tower Site of the Week

Kelley on WESR

Site of the Week 7/22/16: Along the Delmarva Peninsula

Three states, one peninsula - Site of the Week takes a drive up US 13 to see the sights!

Site of the Week 7/15/16: Norfolk, Virginia TV

Site of the Week visits the TV sites of Norfolk, Virginia and vicinity

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Special Features

NERW Extra: Translator Applicants Line Up

NERW subscribers: here's a comprehensive list of who's applied so far in the FCC's AM Revitalization filing window

NERW Extra: Deep Inside the Boston TV War

NERW dives deep into the history of NBC's long struggle for a solid Boston affiliation - and answers some big questions about what comes next for NBC and its current affiliate, WHDH-TV

The Year in Review 2015: Those We Lost

NERW wraps up Year in Review with a look at those we lost in 2015 - and don't miss the week's previous installments, either!

Year in Review 2015: The Top Ten Stories

Our Year in Review looks at the top ten stories of 2015, as seen in NorthEast Radio Watch

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