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July 17-24, 2003

WODI, Brookneal VA

Every once in a while, someone will ask me, "Scott, how do I get featured on Tower Site of the Week?"

There's no easy answer to that question; often, what gets shown here depends on where I happen to be traveling in any given month or year, or on who's having an anniversary, or (as in last week's feature) who happens to have lost a tower in a storm, or who has unusual pictures to send in (like the wonderful Nome, Alaska shots a few months ago.)

If you're reading this from, say, Hawaii or somewhere similarly exotic, a pair of plane tickets and a nice hotel room later this winter will certainly get you featured here, and quickly...

But aside from cheap bribery, there's another way to get featured here: be the first good friend of mine to buy his own radio station. That signal honor (yeah, I meant to make a bad pun) goes to one Dave Marthouse, who's been a colleague of sorts ever since he and I were both part of the inaugural crew of the shortwave show Spectrum, which was born out of the ashes of the old Signals show way back in the early nineties and was still running on Saturday nights on WWCR when last I checked.

Dave happens to be one of the most interesting people I know in radio. In addition to co-hosting Spectrum when I met him, he also produced the morning show on WCTC (1450 New Brunswick NJ) and hosted his own hour-long pre-show from 5-6 AM.

And, oh yeah, Dave's been completely blind since birth!

Now, Dave's always been a dreamer - and a few years ago, after his parents passed on, Dave sold the family home in Metuchen, N.J. and plowed the proceeds into a little radio station called WODI, at 1230 on the dial in a small town called Brookneal, Virginia. Dave partnered up with Tony DeNicola, who used to work for Bloomberg and now does engineering for WMCA and several other New York stations, formed "D&M Broadcasting," and in July of 1996 became the proud proprietor of Brookneal's only radio voice.

And no sooner was the ink dry on the closing documents than the water began to rise in the Roanoke River, right along the edge of the studio/tower site on Radio Road, just off US 501 at the southern edge of Brookneal (which is about 30 miles south of Lynchburg, by the way.) By the time the flooding crested, the water had risen waist-deep inside the WODI building.

So Dave and Tony not only had a silent radio station on their hands - they had a silent radio station with a flooded building and very little in the way of working equipment. These guys don't give up, though; they got their hands on an old trailer and fitted it out as a studio/transmitter facility, complete with a Nautel transmitter and a pretty respectable studio setup. For a year or so, this trailer was WODI, while Dave and Tony - and Tony's son Brian, who's become a respectable engineer in his own right - cleaned out the studio building and returned it to functioning order.

(Even now, if another flood threatens, WODI can disconnect the trailer from the studio, move to higher ground and stay on the air!)

Once that was done, things settled into a routine at WODI.

Dave calls his format "Cool Oldies and Hot Talk," and it's quite well executed - the "Marthouse in the Morning" show each weekday from 7-9 AM, a wide playlist of oldies (with Brian Dee as music director) running off automation, and a talk lineup that includes Bruce Williams and Jim Bohannon every evening.On the weekends, WODI carries a black gospel program as well as several area church services - truly a small-town full service operation at its best!

And it's all run day to day by Dave himself, who does just about everything around the station when he's not busy doing the morning show - including programming the automation and cutting promos and spots. (Dave's skills with Cool Edit put my own to shame...and I can see the screen!)

Tony handles the business operations from New Jersey, and comes down to Brookneal every couple of weeks to visit with Dave and do some work at the station itself. (We were flattered that he made a special trip down just to see us when we stopped by in late March, making good on the promise we'd been making Dave for years that we'd pay a call on Brookneal.)

So there it is: Dave living his dream and providing a quality radio service for the people of Brookneal at the same time. A lucky guy indeed!

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