In this week’s edition: 

It’s a challenging time for broadcasters – no NAB Show, PBS TechCon, PREC, or NUG next month in Las Vegas as the coronavirus epidemic turns our lives upside down. How can broadcasters ensure we can stay on the air, continue providing information to our communities and keep our staff and families safe?

This week, we kick off a special series of Top of the Tower Podcasts addressing the many questions broadcasters are facing right now.

Keeping studios safe is vitally important – especially that device that sits mere inches (if even that) from announcers’ lips. How do you keep your microphones safe and clean without damaging them?

We reached out to Brian Walker, customer development/applications engineer at Sennheiser, for some expert answers about what to do – and what not to do!

(That picture above is a “what to do” – it’s mic screens that have been cleaned and are drying in the sunshine on the rooftop picket fence at WBUR in Boston.)

What questions do you have right now about how to make remote studios work, how to keep revenue flowing in challenging business times, and about how we can all stay sane while we serve our communities? Bring them on – we’ll try to get you some answers!

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