NERW 8/24/15: WALL Has A New Owner


In this week’s issue… Williamson swaps for NY’s WALL – Mass. FM wants boosters, lots of boosters – New format “pops” in CT – “Alternate Side” suspended – Tower Site Calendar 2016: Get Yours Now! By SCOTT FYBUSH Jump to: ME – NH – VT – MA – RI – CT – NY – NJ […]

NERW 8/17/2015: Disney Sells in Philly


In this week’s issue… Disney exits NERW-land for good – Confers grow in the Susq Valley – Glynn Walden retires at CBS/KYW – Another Ontario AM-to-FM move – Tower Site Calendar 2016: Get Yours Now!

NERW 8/3/15: Another FCC Pass for Dodge Signal


In this week’s issue… How does a long-dark AM get renewed? – More CBS cuts in Philly – Big downgrade for a Boston AM – RIP, Jolly Joe and Radio Rohn

NERW 7/27/15: CBS Radio Shakeout Continues


In this week’s issue… Behind CBS Radio’s cuts and changes – Boston’s V Brothers Reunite – Remembering CT’s Ed Henry, NY’s Brigham, Rogers – Voices Radio gets a reprieve

NERW 7/20/15: Farewell, Van Miller


In this week’s issue… Longtime Bills voice dies – New FM in NH – “Cat” reborn in Burlington – AM power-up in PA – NJ gets its TV news back

NERW Extra: Connoisseur Changes Hands


Remember how we said it was a quiet post-July 4 week? That changed in a hurry. Inside this NERW Extra, updates on several big breaking stories, including the CBS Radio cutbacks, a morning host gone missing in Boston and a PD change in New York.