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Copyright Information

Copyright Information

All text, images, sounds, and designs on these pages are copyright Scott Fybush, unless otherwise noted. No unauthorized use of text, images, sounds, or designs is permitted without written authorization — in which case it’s no longer unauthorized use, is it? Station logos are, where applicable, the trademarks of their respective owners. Radio airchecks provided on these pages are for the exclusive non-commercial use of radio hobbyists and students of broadcasting history, and we believe fair-use rules apply. Copyright scholars are invited to contact us if they can even come up with a reasonable suggestion of who, if anyone, might hold the copyright on, say, a 1965 WMEX-Boston aircheck.

NorthEast Radio Watch, Boston Radio Archives, and Upstate New York Radio Archives are service marks of Garrett Wollman and Scott Fybush. NorthEast Radio Watch may be distributed freely for non-commercial use only with written permission from the publisher. Regular readers of NorthEast Radio Watch are asked to contribute towards the continued support of the column.

The opinions expressed in NorthEast Radio Watch and elsewhere on are solely those of the author/webmaster, who no longer works (directly, anyway) for any huge media conglomerates and thus doesn’t really need this disclaimer anymore. (Just to be on the safe side: they’re not the opinions of CBS, Westinghouse, Infinity, Time Warner/Advance-Newhouse Entertainment Partnership, or AOL, not that I ever had the, um, privilege to work for the latter. Nor are they the opinions of the M Street Corp., Critical Mass Media, or of the WXXI Public Broadcasting Council. And they’re not carefully market-researched or dumbed down to the very lowest possible common denominator, so they’re certainly not those of Gannett Corp.)

Actually, we do need to offer this disclaimer: the aforementioned opinions are not necessarily those of the advertisers who sponsor, kind-hearted souls that they are. does not collect any personal information from those visiting this site, though we do like to check occasionally to see whether anyone from has stopped by.

Do not read these pages while driving, operating heavy machinery, or attempting to voicetrack three simultaneous shifts on group-owned stations in three separate markets.

An Historical Note: Until October 27, 2004, this page concluded as follows: “The preceding provisions shall be null and void should the Boston Red Sox win the World Series (and hey, this just might be their year!)”

And whaddya know – 2004 was indeed their year. (And 2007, too!) So, “Go Sox” and all that – but we’re keeping the rest of the page intact, anyway…