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You can reach Scott Fybush by e-mail at The nature of e-mail being what it is, mail that’s sent in HTML, that’s sent without a subject line or from a suspicious-looking e-mail address, or that contains words like “t0w3r” (what, there’s no radio-geek spam yet?) is likely to be filtered into oblivion. If you really want to make sure your e-mail gets here, you may wish to use an alternate method…

By snail-mail at:

92 Bonnie Brae Avenue
Rochester NY 14618-1802

By telephone at:

+1 585 442 5411 (no calls between 9 PM and 9 AM Eastern Time, please)

(Those with too much free time might wish to observe that every single place I’ve ever lived has now been on the wrong side of an area code split, to wit: 619/760, 617/781 and now 716/585. Those with way too much free time might further observe that this will be the first time I’ve ever had a phone number without the digit “6” in it somewhere. Those who know my cellphone number, which you’ll note is not posted here, know that it does have a 6 in it. So there…)