Site of the Week 4/18/2014: WILL, Urbana-Champaign, IL

The WILL(AM) transmitter building

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH One of our favorite categories of stations to write about is that small band of survivors that make up the earliest educational AMs in the nation. As early as 1922 (even earlier, in Wisconsin), a handful of universities began applying for radio licenses, and despite decades of regulatory action […]

Tower Site of the Week: WHN/WEPN 1050, East Rutherford NJ, RIP

WEPN's East Rutherford site, circa 2005

By SCOTT FYBUSH (This installment of Site of the Week was originally published in 2005, and we’re reprising it now because these towers finally came down just last week. Long before the towers were finally razed, this site was silenced; in 2009, the construction of the Xanadu shopping/entertainment complex in close proximity to this site […]

Site of the Week 4/4/2014: Crawfordsville, Indiana

The WCVL tower and studios

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH If you’re a regular reader of this column, you know all about how we spend a significant amount of time each year in our “alternate home base” of Indiana. This week’s installment inaugurates a series of Sites of the Week that stem from our residency in Indiana for part […]