Site of the Week 7/25/2014: Erie, PA 2012 (part II)

Studio cluster

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH Erie, Pennsylvania is, as we noted in last week’s installments, one of those places where we’d spent many years hearing the stations and even seeing the towers, but we hadn’t made the time to stop and smell the RF close up, as it were. In September 2012, we took […]

Site of the Week 7/18/2014: Erie, PA (part I)

WJET 1400

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH For more than two decades now, your editor has been plowing back and forth on I-90 several times a year between home base in upstate New York and the in-laws in Indiana. All those hours of driving often make us reluctant to add to the trip by stopping along […]

Site of the Week 7/11/2014: Cleveland’s Ideastream the Robert Conrad Studio

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH Traveling the country as we do, it’s not hard to stumble across some unusual names for broadcast groups. “Cup of Dirt, LLC”? We heard their stations on a Dakotas trip that you’ll see chronicled here later this year. “Insane Broadcasting”? We heard them in St. Louis in the summer […]

Site of the Week 7/4/2014: WFAS, White Plains – Before


Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH Originally published April 18, 2008 – but making an encore appearance this week as WFAS-FM prepares to shut down from Secor Road, relaunching today as WNBM, “New York’s Radio 103.9,” broadcasting an R&B format from Cumulus’ Manhattan studios and a transmitter site in the Bronx. WFAS(AM) will keep going […]

Site of the Week 6/27/2014: One Philadelphia Building, 3 Stations

Outside the building

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH A few years ago, we thought it was a pretty big deal to be able to tour multiple TV stations in Albuquerque, New Mexico just by walking out the door and across the street. Little did we know that a year or so later, in the sweltering summer of […]