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As many of you already know, on the heels of what’s already been a challenging year behind the scenes, your editor lost two close family members last Friday, September 5, in a tragic airplane crash in the Caribbean. We’re taking a short break to try to pull things back together and deal with some non-radio […]

Site of the Week 9/5/2014: SBS, New York

Front door at the SBS townhouse

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH Over the years, our travels to New York City have taken us inside the studios of nearly all the city’s stations, sometimes at multiple locations as the city’s broadcast center of gravity has shifted inexorably from midtown Manhattan down to the island’s lower tip. But even as CBS and […]

Site of the Week 8/29/14: Dallas Studios, 2012

WBAP 820/96.7

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH It doesn’t usually (or often) work out this way, but it’s always exciting when we can see a whole bunch of facilities in just a couple of hours, especially on very short notice. And that’s just what happened in Dallas in December 2012, when a day that started with […]

Site of the Week 8/15/2014: San Diego, 2012

Up on Mount Soledad

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH We do indeed play favorites here at this column: I gladly confess that San Diego is one of my favorite cities anywhere. It’s not just the perpetually perfect weather – it’s also the friendly broadcast community, where there’s always something new to see every time I’m in town. 2012 […]

Site of the Week 8/8/2014: KBRT’s New Orange County Site (plus a bonus)

The new towers

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH This week’s installment marks another in an ongoing series from our “Things that Won’t Be There Much Longer” tour of 2012. If you’ve been following along, you know that there were three things we were determined to see before 2013 began: the old KXAS-TV studios in Fort Worth, Texas, […]

Site of the Week 7/25/2014: Erie, PA 2012 (part II)

Studio cluster

Text and photos by SCOTT FYBUSH Erie, Pennsylvania is, as we noted in last week’s installments, one of those places where we’d spent many years hearing the stations and even seeing the towers, but we hadn’t made the time to stop and smell the RF close up, as it were. In September 2012, we took […]