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Advertise in the Tower Site Calendar!

They won’t be able to tear their eyes away.

This is last year’s cover, for illustration purposes only. The 2017 calendar will have a similar layout with a new picture.

The Tower Site Calendar has become THE prestige print product of  the broadcast industry. We are not a giveaway picked up at conventions or meetings. We are a premium product.

What does that mean? Since 2002, our calendar has become a must-have for engineers and managers in stations big and small, all over North America. They buy it — buy it — every year. Many of them keep it when the year is over because they love the pictures.

So what good does our loyal following do you? Our customers are your customers. When they buy our calendar and hang it up, they’ll see your ad on each page. That ad will be looked at more than half a million times this year.

More than half a million impressions? How is that possible? We were surprised, too, until we calculated it.

Here’s how an ad in our calendar has better exposure than one in a magazine:

  1. Magazines are designed to be looked at for a period of weeks or months. Calendars are designed to be looked at for a whole year.
  2. Magazines are read or glanced at, then placed in a drawer or in a pile. Calendars are hung on a wall.
  3. Magazines usually don’t get read more than once. Calendars are looked at between four and eight times each day. (Source: Promotional Products Association International; Advertising Specialty Institute)

And people don’t usually walk into someone’s office, pick up a magazine and start to read it. But they do walk into someone’s office and see a calendar hanging there.

Let’s do the math: four impressions, or views, a day (conservatively), five days in a work week (at minimum), 260 work days per year. That’s just over 1,000 impressions per year. We sell around 500 calendars each year. That’s 500,000 total impressions for the year!

Let’s emphasize that statistic: Your ad in the Tower Site Calendar will net, at minimum, half a million broadcast-industry impressions in a year.

A 4-by-1-inch banner ad on each month’s page costs only $2,500. That’s a cost of half a cent per impression.

Calendar ad layout002Ads appear at the bottom of EVERY page

Give us your layout and we’ll give you the exposure.

We’re ready to work with you! Call us at 585-442-5411 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. ET, or email

*Sources: Promotional Products Association International; Advertising Specialty Institute