In this week’s issue… Broadcast veterans step away – Gray gobbles Meredith – Bell out of Pittsburgh talk slot? – Remembering Loran Mann – Baseball on the Radio: The Minor Leagues



NORFOLK, Va. – We’re on the road again, taking an actual full-fledged radio road trip for the first time in more than a year, and it sure does feel nice to be somewhere other than upstate New York for a bit.

As we enjoy our travels (and collect some great new sites to share with you on Site of the Week later this year), you’ll forgive us, we hope, if the column’s stories are a little more abbreviated than usual this week.

For instance, we’d normally devote more space here to the retirements of several veteran newspeople all at once at several of Audacy’s big all-news stations inherited from the old CBS Radio.

At WINS (1010) in New York, Larry Kanter (right) became the latest retirement on Thursday, signing off from his midday shift and ending a long career that included 29 years at WINS, all the way back to the days of Westinghouse/Group W. Kanter followed another veteran, night anchor Paul James, out the door – and it’s not just WINS where that seems to be happening a lot. In Philadelphia, it was Mark Abrams, who departed KYW (1060/103.9) after a long career that included time in Reading at WHUM and the Reading Eagle and earlier Philly stints at WPEN and WIP.

Is this part of a bigger set of cutbacks at Audacy? We don’t know yet, but we’re following closely and we hope to have more once we’re back at home base next week.


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  1. Loran Mann got his Radio Start at WZUM 1590. While he was in the Main National Record Mart in Downtown Pittsburgh James Psihoulis Half Owner of WZUM heard his Voice and put him on the AIR .

  2. Don’t tell Meredith they are a “small group” (I’m sure they are by today’s standards). Probably this will be the last time anyone publicly credits them with founding the first television station in Syracuse, WHEN, Channel 8, OAD 12-01-1948. They have had a broadcast group, radio, television, or both, during most of that time since, so this will be their first time completely out of broadcast in 70+ years.

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