JUST IN! The Radio Historian’s 2018 Classic Radio Studios Calendar


The Radio Historian’s 2018 calendar, featuring studio pictures.

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Featuring thirteen high-resolution color images of historic radio broadcasting studios from 1930 to 1986. 
Each image originated from an original black and white glossy photograph and has been digitally remastered and colorized to replicate the original scene as accurately as possible. Two pages of text at the end of the calendar describe the history of each scene. Additionally, each month’s calendar page commemorates important dates in radio history.
This year’s featured photographs: 
  • COVER:  NBC San Francisco, 1942
  • JAN: Robert Trout at CBS New York, 1952
  • FEB: KMO, Tacoma, WA, 1946
  • MAR: NBC Master Control, Chicago, circa 1940
  • APR: Gene McKay at WSUN Tampa, 1964
  • MAY: “Time Marches On” at CBS New York, 1930
  • JUN: Joe Flood at KTLN, Denver, 1958
  • JULY: Frosty Fowler at KING, Seattle, 1963
  • AUG: WKIP, Poughkeepsie, NY, circa 1950
  • SEPT: David Hendricks at WBYO-FM, Boyertown, PA, 1989
  • OCT: Studio “A” at NBC Chicago, 1930
  • NOV: KTBI, Tacoma, WA, 1947
  • DEC: Master Control, the Voice of America, Washington D.C., 1967

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