Syracuse Television (Arcadia Publishing)


Syracuse TV news veterans Christie Casciano, Tim Fox and Lou Gulino relay the history of television in the city from WHEN-TV Channel 8’s sign-on in 1948.


Central New Yorkers have been treated to many memorable television moments since December 1, 1948, when WHEN-TV Channel 8 signed on the air for the first time. In a record 16 days after equipment arrived at its 101 Court Street site, the station was miraculously up and running. Syracuse’s pioneer broadcasters were eager to explore this bold, new world with programs that would entertain, educate, and inform. Syracuse Television features the zaniness of Baron Daemon, lessons from the Magic Toy Shop, and live fun from Jim Deline and the Gang and The Market Place. Over the years, personalities and programs became familiar to Central New Yorkers. There was news coverage from Fred Hillegas, Ron Curtis, Rod Wood, and Carrie Lazarus and weather forecasts from Stormy Meredith, Big Al Roker, Dave Eichorn, and Wayne Mahar.

128 pages with 207 black-and-white photos. Available in paperback only.

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