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It’s the big moment for broadcasters who filed on Friday in the first day of the FCC’s new window for AM stations. Those applications were released for viewing early Monday morning, and we’ve been plowing through them to sort out which lucky AM stations got “singletons” – no competition for the frequencies they requested – and which ended up with mutually-exclusive (“MX”) situations that will require their applications to be modified or dropped.

As we’ve been telling you, Fybush Media is offering both brokerage and technical consulting services to stations taking advantage of the window; we’ve disclosed below which applications had our involvement, and we’re happy to talk with you about how we can help your station, too!

Here, for subscribers, is the list, as best we can piece it together:

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  1. So in western Pennsylvania if you’re driving through and tune to 93.3 you can pick up WEDO, WAVL and/or WCNS? They are all less than 50 miles from each other.

    • Nope. Only one will get 93.3. WCNS already had its application dismissed because it’s a class B station that wasn’t eligible to file in this window. Either WEDO or WAVL will have to modify its application to pick a different channel.

      • WCNS bought 94.7 along with AM 1500 Youngstown and AM 1330 Campbell. 1500 is off on Sta. And 1330 is struggling along with 500 watts into 6 Tower’s. I wonder what their plans are for the AM stations?

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