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It’s the big moment for broadcasters who filed on Friday in the first day of the FCC’s new window for AM stations. Those applications were released for viewing early Monday morning, and we’ve been plowing through them to sort out which lucky AM stations got “singletons” – no competition for the frequencies they requested – and which ended up with mutually-exclusive (“MX”) situations that will require their applications to be modified or dropped.

As we’ve been telling you, Fybush Media is offering both brokerage and technical consulting services to stations taking advantage of the window; we’ve disclosed below which applications had our involvement, and we’re happy to talk with you about how we can help your station, too!

Here, for subscribers, is the list, as best we can piece it together:


MAINE: Saga’s WBAE (1490 Portland) seeks 107.1 for W264BG. In South Paris, W250BB would go to 106.3 for WKTQ,

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Binnie Media’s W298AH wants to move to Laconia, still on 107.5, to relay WEMJ (1490).  W230BJ would go to 100.7 in Wolfeboro for WASR (1490).

VERMONT: Steve Silberberg’s WFAD (1490 Middlebury) applies for 101.9, while sister station WSKI (1240 Montpelier) goes for 93.3. Both signals come from VPR (W250BU Barre and W274BU Burlington), and both are singletons. (Fybush Media brokered this sale.)

Great Eastern’s W222BX applies to move to WSNO (1450 Barre) on 107.5.

MASSACHUSETTS: The biggest MX group here appears to be in Boston, where Bob Bittner’s WJIB (740 Cambridge), Salem’s WROL (950) and Radio One’s WILD (1090) all apply for 106.1. Bittner’s app would move W252BT from Maine, Salem would move W254BR from Maine and Radio One would move W231BI from Utica. (Fybush Media was technical consultant for Bittner.)

In the Merrimack Valley, WLLH (1400 Lowell) applies for 98.9, as does Costa-Eagle’s WCCM (1110 Salem NH). WLLH would move W255AL from North Adams, while Costa-Eagle would move W265AM from Hanover, NH. Costa-Eagle’s WCEC (1490 Haverhill) seeks 92.1, moving W249AW from New Hampshire.

In Worcester, Blount Communications’ WVNE (760 Leicester) applies for 101.5, moving Horizon’s W293BN from Cape Cod. (Fybush Media was engineering consultant on this application.)
Nearby in Milford, First Class Radio’s WMRC (1490) wants 101.3 to relocate W226BU from Connecticut.

In West Springfield, Red Wolf’s WACM (1490) seeks 104.5 for W230BH.

In Athol, Steve Silberberg’s WFAT (700) seeks 101.7 for W226BH from Vermont Public Radio in Hanover NH (Fybush Media brokered this sale.)

RHODE ISLAND: Wesley Weis’ W244AT from New Jersey applies to move to Providence on 102.1, relaying WPMZ (1110). In Hope Valley, Red Wolf’s WSKP (1180) would add W224CT on 104.3.

CONNECTICUT: Family Stations’ WCTF (1170 Vernon) wants 105.3 for W282AD, while Ivan Gois’ WNEZ (1230 Manchester) also seeks that channel to move W278AN from New York. Red Wolf’s WNTY (990 Southington) wants 96.1 for W236CK. EMF’s W265CO would move from Maine to 94.1 in Hartford to relay WCCC (1290), which EMF is donating to University of Northwestern – St. Paul. Gois’ WKND (1480 Windsor) files to move W254AM from New York to operate on 97.5. And WRYM (840 New Britain) is buying W239AG from Northeast Gospel Broadcasting to move in on 107.3.

In Willimantic, Hall files to put W262AP on 95.3 for WILI (1400). In Danbury, Berkshire Broadcasting’s WAXB (850 Ridgefield) wants to add a second translator at 94.5, moving W286CJ. In Milford, Blount Communications’ WFIF (1500) wants to move W244DD from New Jersey to 101.7. (Fybush Media was engineering consultant on this application.)

NEW YORK: In Poughkeepsie, iHeart wants to move W275AT from Four Corners NJ to 98.5 as a relay of WKIP (1450). On Long Island, WGBB (1240) wants to move W271BZ into Freeport on 95.9.

Upstate, Calvary’s WSFW (1110 Seneca Falls) wants to move translator W277CI in at 106.3. In Lockport, Dick Greene’s WLVL (1340) applies for 105.3 for W237EB. Craig Fox’s WMBO (1340 Auburn) wants to move W237CS to 106.1 – and in Syracuse, he’s applying to buy W288AS (105.5 Ithaca) from WVBR for $75,000, moving it to WOLF (1490)’s tower on 92.7.  Syracuse’s Galaxy Group wants 99.7 in Sandy Creek-Pulaski for W229BQ. In Elmira, Sound Communications would move its W296CR to 106.9 for WENY (1230).

NEW JERSEY: World India Radio wants 94.3 for W283BY’s move to relay WXMC (1310 Parsippany-Troy Hills).

PENNSYLVANIA: Beasley’s W246CT seeks a move to Philadelphia on 104.9 to relay WWDB (860), while WHAT (1340) files to move W273CM to 92.1.

The translators Seven Mountains is moving from Williamsport will go to WIEZ (670 Lewistown), which applies for 92.9 (W288DE), and to WHUN (1150 Huntington), which applies for 97.7 (W244DB). In Columbia, Radio Vision Cristiana’s WVZN (1580) applies for 107.1, moving W236CE from Gettysburg. Charlie Loughery’s Four Rivers group applies to shift W260BD over to WPAZ (1370 Pottstown) on 103.7. Nearby in Lancaster, iHeart wants to move W254CM to relay WLAN (1390) on 93.1. In Williamsport, iHeart wants to move W243DB to 93.7 as a relay of WRAK (1400).

In Bethlehem, CC Broadcasting is buying W256BQ (99.1 Olean NY) from Colonial for $75,000 and applying to move it to 93.3.

Renda’s WDAD (1450 Indiana) wants to move W229AQ to 100.3. Its WECZ (1540 Punxsutawney) would move W231BK from Oswego to 100.9, and W236BN from Berwick would stay on 95.1 as it moves to Homer City for WCCS (1160).

In Pittsburgh, Martz’s WAMO (660 Wilkinsburg) would add a second translator at 107.3, moving W283CB from Jonestown. In McKeesport, Bob Stevens would move W281CS to 93.3 to relay WEDO (810). Colonial’s WAVL (910 Apollo) files to move W230BO from Olean, NY, also on 93.3. In Latrobe, WCNS (1480) wants to move W234CH from Ohio to use 93.3.





  1. So in western Pennsylvania if you’re driving through and tune to 93.3 you can pick up WEDO, WAVL and/or WCNS? They are all less than 50 miles from each other.

    • Nope. Only one will get 93.3. WCNS already had its application dismissed because it’s a class B station that wasn’t eligible to file in this window. Either WEDO or WAVL will have to modify its application to pick a different channel.

      • WCNS bought 94.7 along with AM 1500 Youngstown and AM 1330 Campbell. 1500 is off on Sta. And 1330 is struggling along with 500 watts into 6 Tower’s. I wonder what their plans are for the AM stations?

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