In this week’s issue… Lineup shuffles at WBZ, KDKA – WNYC head steps down – New morning shows in VT – Antenna swap in Toronto?



*It’s our last weekly NERW of 2018 – which means we’re headed (gulp) for this column’s 25th anniversary year in 2019.

Before we get there, of course, it’s NERW Year in Review time, so buckle in and get ready for daily installments in this space starting on Wednesday, Dec. 26 (The Year in Sales), and continuing through our usual Year in People and Formats segments, and then next week, our Top 10 Stories of the Year and Those We Lost, which will wrap up the Year in Review on New Year’s Day.

We’ll be back with a NERW update on Wednesday, January 2, which is when we usually bring you up to speed on the format and staff changes that tend to start rolling in right after Christmas. (And of course RadioInsight and Lance Venta will be there with breaking radio news, too.)

But at the end of this chaotic year, there’s a surprising amount of change going on even before Christmas, much of it coming from the news-talk front in several big NERW-land markets, including New York, Boston and Pittsburgh.

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  1. KDKA is like A Bad Used car lot. They should go to one of the local College’s and Hire their Radio Staff.

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