Well, that didn’t take long, did it?

wedx-bullonlyJust days after completing the last piece of the three-way shuffle that downgraded signals in Providence and on Cape Cod to provide a modest improvement (from directional to nondirectional class A) at Boston-market WBWL (101.7 Lynn), iHeart has filed for a bigger boost for “The Bull.”

WBWL’s latest application, accepted for filing Tuesday morning, calls for 101.7 to go from class A status up to class B1, trading its current transmitter site atop One Financial Center in downtown Boston for a return to its previous site in Medford, on a hill above Malden Hospital.

From there, 101.7 would run 13.5 kW/453′, pushing its 57 dBu protected contour south as far as Brockton, west to Marlborough and north to the Merrimack Valley.

More details in next Monday’s NERW…

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  1. Sounds like it will be a very similar to the signal I remember from the old CBS WEEI-FM at 103.3 when they operated at 20 KW ERP from an identical height on this tower

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