In this week’s edition: 

We’re in New York City at the NAB New York and Audio Engineering Society conventions, and you’ll hear all about what we’re seeing (and hearing) next week.

What aren’t we hearing in New York? Local programming on Pacifica’s WBAI (99.5), which is once again in the midst of an existential crisis pitting local programmers against the national board (and millions of dollars in debt).

We break down the big issues tearing WBAI apart this time – and then we turn to a recap of our trip to Texas last month, with a visit to legendary small market broadcaster Ben Downs.

When he’s not showing off the tubes and ribbon mics in his top-floor office overlooking Highway 6, Ben runs Bryan Broadcasting in College Station, an unusual super-local cluster that superserves this community with secular formats (news-talk, sports, top-40 and country), Christian formats (contemporary and gospel), plus a separate custom publishing arm that brings in additional revenue through specialty print products.

And when he’s not doing that, Ben’s a regular presence wherever radio industry leaders gather, including NAB shows and the Idea Bank.

What’s he up to next, and what is he thinking about our industry? Listen in!

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