In this week’s issue… Hip-hop arrives in central PA – Boston gets ready to Rumba – Limbaugh’s “forever” to end – Hamilton TV station moves – Remembering KB’s Tom Shannon 



*Memorial Day weekend typically comes with some substantial format changes around the country. This year, it seems to be just the beginning of some larger shuffles for a few big groups, most notably iHeart.

One of the first signs of change came last Monday, when WKAF (97.7 Brockton) in the Boston market dropped its classic R&B format, replacing “97-7 the Beat” with a one-day stunt with Spanish-language music before flipping Tuesday at noon to “Rumba 97.7,” playing Spanish-language hits with a heavy emphasis on reggaeton.

The move returned iHeart’s “Rumba” brand to the market a year after it had disappeared with the donation of WKOX (1430 Everett), the most recent of several iHeart “Rumba” signals on AM. It’s the first time a Spanish-language format has been on a full-power FM signal in the core of the Boston market, though the limited reach of 97.7 to the north means WKAF probably won’t pose much threat to the established Spanish-language players in the Merrimack Valley, such as Costa-Eagle’s WNNW (800/102.9) in Lawrence.

While iHeart was moving one of its signals away from the Black audience in greater Boston, it brought new service to that community in central Pennsylvania on Friday. At 11, WHKF (99.3) dropped its “Alt” modern rock format and began looping “It’s The End of the World (As We Know It)” by REM, and an hour later the signal relaunched as “Real 99.3,” bringing a Black-focused format back to the Harrisburg market for the first time in almost a decade. (Back then, it was more of an R&B sound, via “The Touch” on WTCY 1400 and its FM translator at 95.3.)

The new “Real” is really syndicated, in keeping with iHeart’s current practices – Big Sue (WHRK Memphis) in middays, followed by Papa Keith (WMIB Miami) and then T-Roy (WJBT Jacksonville) at night. For now, mornings are music-only, but expect the New York-based “Breakfast Club” to take that slot starting next week.


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  1. The WHKF Harrisburg flip to Real is a low-risk experiment. The 99.3 frequency has seen about every other format in the 40 years I’ve lived in the area. By going with the syndicated “Real”, there’s little to no investment in the local presence, meaning that any future change (most likely to another syndicated format) will similarly involve little to no local investment. There’s weakness in the local advertising market, so it makes sense to go the niche route with the national promotions. I’m not sure how successful the format will be (the target audience is Harrisburg-York), but it’s worth trying.

  2. The above mentioned Watertown deal looks like it is about a $3 Million haircut for the selling company, i.e. quite a bit short of their purchase price in 2006. Hard to tell with all the call letter changes, %’s, etc. Is that really where station prices are going in Upstate NY?

  3. So (re: Watertown transactions…) — is all the intense automation/nationalization of station formats causing there to be less business, or is less business causing above?