The rumors have been making the rounds for a while now, but we’re getting the first official confirmation from CBS Radio this afternoon: it’s indeed entering into a deal with Family Stations, Inc. to acquire WFSI (107.9 Annapolis MD).

WFSI will become the new home of CBS Radio’s Spanish-language signal in the Washington-Baltimore region, “El Zol” – and “El Zol”‘s current spot at 99.1 on the dial, just relicensed this week from Annapolis to Bowie, Maryland, will become an all-news outlet competing directly against the nation’s top-billing radio station, Hubbard’s WTOP in Washington.

Why do we mention this on NERW? Because while the CBS press release this afternoon doesn’t mention it, there’s a second Family FM signal that’s been widely rumored to be part of this deal: WKDN (106.9 Camden NJ). If WKDN indeed turns out to be part of the deal, it will be a third FM for CBS in Philadelphia (joining sports WIP-FM 94.1 and classic hits WOGL 98.1) and would likely be the destination for an FM simulcast of all-news KYW (1060), one of CBS Radio’s three AMs in the market.

Much more in Monday’s NERW…


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