In this week’s edition: 

How did you spend your weekend?

We spent ours in Ithaca, New York, visiting WVBR, the commercial radio station run by Cornell University students and alumni. Every year, they get together to talk about the state of their station and the industry, and this year we had the pleasure of visiting, delivering a keynote talk about the magic of radio, and being inspired by these smart, energetic students.

In this week’s podcast, you can hear some excerpts from that talk (4:21), a conversation with the student alumni relations director who planned the weekend symposium, Helena Kim (19:59), and a discussion with WVBR’s incoming and outgoing general managers, T.J. Hurd and Christopher Morales, and incoming PD, Austin Jones (25:47).

Plus: Our 2014 visit to WVBR, on Site of the Week

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