In this week’s edition: 

Part two of our interview with legendary Los Angeles station owner Saul Levine.

Now 92, Levine has owned what’s now KKGO (105.1) in LA from the day he put it on the air as KBCA way back in 1959.

In this episode, we talk about station values in 2019, his oldies and jazz stations in Los Angeles, his radio (and TV!) adventures in San Francisco and Hawaii, and what it’s like to be the last major-market independent station owner standing.

Plus, one last interview from NAB 2019 – a chat with veteran southern California DJ Shotgun Tom Kelly about his love of radio towers, his amazing model train layout (complete with its own broadcasters – see a video here!), and much more.

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  1. What great interviews. Also saw the train layout video and it is fascinating. Next time I get to San Diego on vacation I hope to have the pleasure to meet Shot Gun Tom. I hear him in Sirius/XM.

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