In this week’s edition: 

It’s a challenging week for broadcasters – no NAB Show, PBS TechCon, PREC, or NUG next month in Las Vegas as the coronavirus epidemic turns our lives upside down. How can broadcasters ensure we can stay on the air, continue providing information to our communities and keep our staff and families safe?

We’ll be focusing on that topic extensively in a special series of Top of the Tower Podcasts.

But first, we had one last bit of travel before things shut down this week: a visit to Akron, Ohio and the new studio complex for “The Summit,” the public station that provides new music to Akron, Youngstown and vicinity.

In this conversation with Brad Savage, we talk about how radio and new music can still work together, how younger audiences relate to radio, how to bring a community together through live events – and, yes, how to plan for crisis situations when your radio station’s new studios are located in a high school building.

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