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The coronavirus epidemic is continuing to turn all of our lives upside down. How can broadcasters ensure we can stay on the air, continue providing information to our communities and keep our staff and families safe, while vacating crowded studios and following new guidelines for social distancing?

This week, we continue our special series of Top of the Tower Podcasts addressing the many questions broadcasters are facing right now.

For instance: when you need to move talent out of your studios in a hurry and they don’t have the technical savvy (or acoustical treatment!) to set up a full home studio, how can you still capture top-quality audio quickly and easily?

We reached out to Jeff Williams, general manager for Yellowtec USA, to talk about the iXm recording microphone and its new baby brother, the “podcast edition” (shown at right).

And we didn’t just talk about the iXm – we each talked into iXm microphones, 3000 miles apart (how’s that for social distancing?), to demonstrate how easy it is to do a “tape sync” interview from afar.

What questions do you have right now about how to make remote studios work, how to keep revenue flowing in challenging business times, and about how we can all stay sane while we serve our communities? Bring them on – we’ll try to get you some answers!

(Stay tuned on Monday – in addition to a fresh installment of NorthEast Radio Watch, we’ll have our next Top of the Tower podcast, talking with DC communications lawyer Melodie Virtue about some of the legal questions the coronavirus pandemic has created for broadcasters.)

Brought to you by Shively Labs and Yellowtec.


  1. The next step? A podcast mic in a tooth filling? Things are very compact and this does sound very good. This podcast is eerily cool. Scott and I grew up 3 miles from each other in Rochester. Scott now works for WXXI-whose AM station is the successor to WSAY-whereI started, and Jeff and I were Jacor/Clear Channel PDs in San Diego. You’ve both flourished in the business!!

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