We don’t normally come back with an update just a few hours after your weekly NERW column appears, but this isn’t a normal Monday, at least not at Pacifica’s WBAI (99.5) in NEW YORK.

As you may have read by now over at RadioInsight, the long conflict between Pacifica’s national organization and the local WBAI management came to a head this morning. The national Pacifica board closed WBAI’s Brooklyn studio, cancelled all local programming, dismissed the local staff including station manager Berthold Reimers and PD Linda Perry-Barr, and plugged a national Pacifica feed (“Pacifica Across America”) into the WBAI transmitter.

You come here, of course, for deeper observations beyond just the breaking news, and below the fold for subscribers, here’s what we think is happening now and what’s coming next for New York’s most troubled FM frequency:

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  1. As the former GM of the Lafayette College station (Class of ’76), it may have taken a while but I’m happy to see that we finally drove that Lehigh station out of the format.

  2. And isn’t it ironic that the video you used for the Dar Williams song is from a SiriusXM performance?

    I would hope that it’s not too late for Pacifica and Fordham to do a swap that would give WFUV the signal it deserves. Meanwhile, I’m surprised that the Pacificaistas haven’t swarmed in with their denial to anyone and anything that doesn’t fit their fantasy that everything’s OK and it’s just the Man that’s keeping them down.

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