In this week’s edition: 

Last summer on the podcast, we talked to Dave Kolesar of Hubbard Radio in Washington about his plans to start testing all-digital HD Radio on the medium-wave band.

Now that those tests have been underway for a few months, we’ve had the chance to tune in and hear how the all-digital signal works – and better yet, we had the opportunity this week to stop in at the transmitter site of WWFD, Frederick, Maryland to see and hear what’s going on in person.

In this week’s edition of Top of the Tower, we’re once again talking with Dave and with Mike Raide of Xperi about how the testing is going. There’s a new transmitter on the way, an improved signal – and as Mike tells us, some news from Xperi about how other AM stations that want to experiment with all-digital operation can do so without having to pay a license fee.

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